An overview in 50 seconds.

50sec provides a real time overview for "long tail" topics which either are too specific to have a decent media coverage, or have no reliable media coverage at all.

Within 50 seconds you will have an overview what's currently discussed on twitter regarding the specific topic.

It's made for people who do not have time or interest in following thousands of relevant people on twitter, but need time-critical information about a certain topic.

The 5,000 - 10,000 daily tweets for the given topic are ranked, clustered and displayed together with extracted metadata. For each cluster you'll see a virality chart for the last 24 hours, and once a cluster has an extreme relevance, you'll receive an email with a summary (once you've signed up - it's free).

What's relevant, what isn't?

For a given topic, 50sec will be trained to identify the top influencers. This is an iterative process, based on analyzing the network (who follows, retweets, mentions who), combined with training which content is relevant, and which isn't.

This is a semi-automated process, supervised by an editor with expertise in the given topic. Based on the trained knowledge, 50sec is able to rank each tweet by many factors, which is the basis for generating clusters of tweets.

Which topics are available?

Currently, only one topic is available to the public: Austrian Politics, edited by .

If you're interested in a specific topic, contact us to discuss pricing and options, e.g. if access should be public or only to people selected by yourself.